Forsaken | Reviews

“…it delivers on the promise to entertain, which was made by Hollywood decades ago.”

Niall Browne,

“Jon Cassar’s Forsaken is simply magnificent. “

Mary Durkacz, The Edinburgh Reporter

“…I can now say, I am a converted fan of the Western.”

Anna-Lea Boeki, First Weekend Club

“‘Forsaken’ is an emotionally powerful and visually gorgeous old school western done right, and with a true attention to detail that should thrill fans of the genre. “

Kevin Lovell, Screen-Connections

“…if you have been starving for a Western that sticks with basic elements, this is the best I’ve seen in a number of years. “

Lee Pfeiffer, Cinema Retro

“beautifully directed, nobly photographed and proverbially scripted”

“But it is the tension between Donald Sutherland, 80, with flowing white locks but steely eyes, giving his best performance for years, and his son Kiefer, 48, with a fierce presence of his own, acting together for the first time, that makes this film so terrifically moving.

David Sexton, London Evening Standard

“With over 30 overlapping years in the business, you would think this would have happened already, and while they have appeared in the same movie before, this is the first time the Sutherlands have played father and son. It was worth the wait.

“Donald and Kiefer bring the hard emotions when they’re required to, but the film is elevated by an excellent supporting cast that includes Brian Cox, Demi Moore, and Michael Wincott.

Noah R. Taylor, Dorkshelf

“in the case of the new five-star flick “Forsaken” which uses that superb 1872 western setting as a mere backdrop for an even more impressive family tête-à-tête between real-life father and son Kiefer and Donald Sutherland. And be it their ample dramatic chops or long personal history, seeing for the first time the two playing opposite each other as an estranged father and son just feels altogether raw and real – added authenticity through ancestry.”

“A flawless father/son pairing long overdue, “Forsaken” was worth the wait.“

Jason Coleman, StarPulse

“Both Sutherlands look spot-on perfect for their roles; Kiefer’s character lines increase his flintiness quotient, while Donald’s flowing white hair and beard suggest a demanding Old Testament paterfamilias”

Joe Leydon, Variety

“Michael Wincott is at his smoothly menacing deep voice best

Todd McCarthy, The Hollywood Reporter

“…the Sutherland father-son team appear on screen together for the first time, in a pure western that rejects revisionism in favour of unadulterated fun

Henry Barns, The Guardian

“It has a solid story to tell, and tells it with no winks and few, if any, frills. It’s involving and ultimately exciting.

Glenn Kenny,

“Father and son team up for a Western in the classic style.“

EW Staff, Entertainment Weekly

“Solid and dependable, “Forsaken” shouldn’t be forgotten.“

Stephen Whitty,

“Sometimes you just want to watch a regular old Western do it’s regular old thing. People looking for that will find a lot to enjoy with Forsaken…“

Evan Saathoff, Birth.Movies.Death.

Forsaken is the first film to co-star father and son actors Donald and Kiefer Sutherland as father and son. That’s the hook, but there is way more to this western than anyone would expect, although a glance at the credits of the director, writer, and impressive supporting cast should give you a hint that this is an exceptional film.“

Leo Sopicki, Blog Critics

“The handsomely made “Forsaken” is a conventional, predictable Western that, with the exception of a particular four-letter word, could have been made in 1956.“

Carly Darling, Fort Worth Star Telegram

“This is a western film in the formula of the old westerns and had it been made decades ago, John Wayne or Clint Eastwood might have starred in the movie.“

Francine Brokaw, Family Choice Awards

“FORSAKEN is a modest but well-assembled little oater and a solid vehicle for Kiefer Sutherland and his dad.“

Chris Bumbray, Joblo

“The plot of FORSAKEN is beautifully crafted and reminiscent of classic Hollywood westerns. Several of the moments between Donald and Kiefer Sutherland are very poignant and emotional.“

Ted Baehr, MovieGuide

“It earns its worth in its thorough study of the relationship between a war-scarred son and a virtuous father opposed to all forms of violence.“

Lee Clark Zumpe, TBN Weekly

“It’s a treat to see Kiefer and Donald side by side, and both give fine performances.“

Noel Murray, LA Times

“Jon Cassar has made a beautifully shot film that will excite lovers of westerns around the world.“

“The feel of this film is authentic, it’s like a tribute to westerns from the past…”

“This film has all the right elements…”

‘Not a Gossip Girl’, Red Carpet Report TV

“’Forsaken’ is a good old-fashion Western“

Lou Lumenick, New York Post